Human Resources

The experience I gained from over ten years of work in Human Resources has afforded me with vast knowledge and significant expertise. I was fortunate to always count on a magnificent team that contributed to my learning and growth daily. It is extremely gratifying to help, guide and advise those who arrive to the United States with a desire for advancement and success.

Working with staff in any industry is not an easy task. Success is achieved when consistency, dedication and patience are set as goals. These qualities along with passion to excel and a love for our fellow neighbor are required to foster accomplishment.

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“True motivation comes from achievement, personal development, job satisfaction, and recognition.”- Frederick Herzberg.

Human Resources2

The lectures and conferences I conduct are geared towards providing guidance, advise and direction to those who are searching for work, students nearing graduation, and for those newly arrived to the United States who do not have the knowledge of navigating the job market.

For more conferences or personalized counseling information, please contact: (786) 413-4046